I was determined to find something positive today. Regardless. Before even 8AM, I’d walked into my office having been out a day with a sick daughter and the emails & work I’d looked over within 20 minutes gave me what I call “the hot face”. I don’t know if that’s blood pressure or just a rare form of a stress-handling mechanism I’ve been dealt. But my face feels like it’s been at the beach all day and I’ve now come in and realized it’s sunburned. You know the moment- after your post beach shower when you look in the mirror and your body is hurting, super red and super hot (but before the chills). That was my face at 7:50AM.

Determined to take care of what I would’ve done yesterday and tackle today’s issues, I was determined to find a positive in all of it. Determined to be a better person and determined not to spend the whole day with hot face.

*Please do not confuse hot face with embarrassment face. That’s a quick reddening and although not comfy is definitely not the hot face of which I speak. I felt like my face would be peeling by noon.

Though not at all a positive, around 9:30AM or so, when I was well into my groove and past the hot face, I thought I was experiencing some sort of physical oddness. I asked “Am I the only one who smells bleach?”. I wasn’t. Initially my coworkers thought it was the building management’s answer to an odor that received many complaints the day before. We later found out that it wasn’t.

So as I said, I was totally into my work groove and well past the hot face. Then we found out management hadn’t used any chemicals for the prior days odor at all. Oddly enough, the water treatment plant close to us had a chemical spill. It closed one of the busiest highways here, sent at least 14 of their workers to the hospital, and eventually sent the fire department (or some other team that tests air but fire trucks were all around) to our building. We were ordered to evacuate.

Short and sweet it goes like this:

When the weather calls for rain and you don’t want it, ask me to bring an umbrella. If I do, there will be no rain. If I don’t? Massive flooding and possibly famine are soon to follow (& no, I don’t think it’s all about me but it is an oddity- me and the umbrella/rain effect). So after my stress-induced hot face before 8AM, I tackled my work with a vengeance and was feeling GREAT about it. After learning of the chemical spill and enduring the bleach smell, I scanned files in the copy room. When I came out I swear I saw a tumbleweed blow by. There were no coworkers to be seen except one of the men I work for with his items packed – leaving. He said “You’re not leaving?” and that’s when I learned we were ordered to evacuate the building.

The building was deemed safe after 6-7PM tonight, so the work will be there for me to tackle tomorrow. And tomorrow is another day now, isn’t it?

I said I’d find something to be grateful about…I got home and full of work-energy with no place to go, I tackled our much needed dirty house. So there’s that.

And tomorrow IS another day.

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