Pandemic 2020: The Positives of Working From Home

We’ve all heard the negatives during  this whole thing.  And of course people complaining of cabin fever & boredom.  So I decided to focus on the positive – as was my motto for 2020 (it just figures this would be the year I chose to “be positive”).

That said,  here are some positives of working from home – in no certain order:

Your pets may have been upgraded. This depends on your career. If you’re a physician, they’re not just pets, they’re also physician assistants.  If you’re an attorney, your pets are now also legal assistants or paralegals (& so on and so forth);



The third co-worker.  If you’re working at home with your spouse or significant other, it would be perfectly acceptable to use an inanimate object as a third co-worker. He or she  will take the blame for everything, thus saving your relationship.  Let’s say your “co-worker” is a stuffed animal you name Bob. You can say things like “We’ve got to talk to Bob about leaving his dishes in the sink – without even rinsing!” Blaming it on Bob will make you a team thus avoiding conflict and unwanted office drama. What’s Bob gonna say? Not one thing.



I basically LIVE at the office!” will be something you can say – because it’s true. Not to mention it sounds much better than “I work from home”.

Casual Friday is EVERY day – and you set the limits as to how casual.


Surprise office visits are a thing of the past. Your boss or client’s surprise appearance at your desk (typically just as you were about to head to the restroom) just don’t happen in your kitchen or living room. If they do you have an unusual relationship with your boss and/or clients.

Never miss that package. Order something that will be delivered and requires a signature? You’ll be there- and the delivery guy KNOWS you’ll be there. Little chance of him leaving that infuriating note that says “Sorry we missed you” (especially when you know good and well you were home). Mhm.

You’re going to learn a lot more about your spouse/significant other (S/SO) if you’re now working with them. Face it, their work peeps see them a lot more than you do. You’re about to find out if they 1) Are that annoying person with the fake laugh that says things like “let’s circle back” and “we’ll touch base”; 2) Have more patience  with their co-workers than they do you.


You can put out a memo banning all office relationships if you get totally annoyed with your S/SO. The above paragraph regarding finding out who they are at work could totally warrant such a memo.

Teachers who are teaching remotely: “I accidentally left my work at home” is no longer valid. Boom. Score: Teachers: 1 Kids: 0

Your ironing board may finally be proving its worth. If you’ve never had an office, it’s a perfectly acceptable desk (with adjustable height!).  So to all ironing boards who haven’t shined in the past, it is time to rise up!


Zero commute.  You can avoid that rush to work. It’s now walking to your kitchen table or couch. Even if you oversleep- waking up at 7:59- it’s still possible to get to work on time. If you REALLY over-sleep and are late for a conference call or Zoom meeting? Just say “Sorry, the hallway traffic was unexpectedly congested.” They’ll either be so confused they won’t question it, or hear you say “congested” and think you’re sick.

No being ratted out by your co-workers for arriving to work in your jammies and Spider Man house shoes (should you should choose to wear that). In all likelihood, your co-workers are not in business attire either – and if they’re the 4 legged kind they’re likely wearing no clothes at all – so there’s that.

Stay strong ~ Be happy ~ Cover your mouth when you cough

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