Home Improvements & the “New Normal”

I am lucky enough to have a job in which I can work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, and believe me I am grateful.  That said, if you are also working from home during this time and didn’t already have a home office but are working out of your living room or kitchen, has anything weird happened?  I’ll use myself as an example:

I worked in a dark living room before all this hit.  I decorated it with dark, earthy tones.  I never thought of doing anything else with it – in fact the very idea of redecorating typically gives me hives.

One Friday I looked around at the dark room and started seeing something else.  As if my mind had been taken over by a different person, I suddenly saw the burgundy settee and thought about how much better a white TV stand with glass doors would look there – and the stand could also replace the dark brown coffee table.  That was the beginning.

Later, I looked at the brown “wish I was leather” recliner couch & loveseat.  Gross.  I envisioned a smaller pair – and in a light coffee/tan color.  Since we’d gotten used to putting our feet up, I also envisioned storage ottomans.  In one Saturday I ordered the TV stand with glass shelves, the couches, and ottomans.

Then I decided the smaller sofa/loveseat needed lighter end tables – the dark brown would never work and were also too big.  So I ordered those.

So now, here is what sits where the dark burgundy settee used to sit. Also gone is a huge picture behind the settee – about 5′ x 6′ full of dark, warm colors.  It is temporarily being used as an “artsy” dog gate to keep my coworkers from getting to the front door to bark at everyone who walks by.  Sure it looks funny, but it’s working for now as they are respecters of art.


Oh, and don’t worry about that crowded TV stand – the stuff on it is just some of the things that are going to go on the step-ladder bookshelves I ordered to go on either side of the TV stand:


Then the dark brown curtain that kept the light out (helpful during summer) just had to go.  Since I’m not big on redecorating – and if you knew me you’d be shocked by this turn of events – I had no idea they made light colored black out curtains.  I keep them open during the day though.  More light = better.

Then I decided to pick up one of my old hobbies – painting – but learning to do it in a different way. That next Saturday I was at Hobby Lobby for what I hadn’t already ordered from Amazon.  It took many tries – with many an ugly failure – but I finally started to have success.  In fact, one of the paintings is above the TV in the first above picture.  Here are a few:

*That last one was done for a co-worker of mine.  I’d been doing them to keep my sanity and showed her some & to my delight she wanted one.  She sent me her living room colors and voila! Since these are done a good bit here, it was nice to do one that won’t actually be staying.  Sometimes I reuse the canvases to make more…sanity is important.

Finally, even though I’ve not attempted to have a plant in over 25 years, I bought not one but two plants.  I decided this room needed a little more life than the dogs and myself.

My co-workers (awaiting their door-person…):


In all, I’m finding the “new normal” hasn’t made me normal at all.  Funny thing is, the rest of the house is the same.  I didn’t get the decorating bug for any other room other than the room I spend all day in.  So I’m wondering if this “new normal” did the same to anyone else – or if this living room really needed a huge makeover entirely opposite of what it had been.  I do know it made the room look bigger.

Have your daily surroundings been affected at all – replaced, painted, rearranged, etc.?

All I can say is I am thankful for that STIMULUS CHECK.  I don’t know that I revitalized the economy, but I did revitalize the living room!

** Update 06/23/2020 – Finished Product:




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