Daddy never called me Princess, Pumpkin or any of those cutesie things. I was called FishHead. Daddy has always been an original - who loves to fish. I’ve wanted to write a blog for so long. But I’d look up the “how to’s” and always read “Find something you’re really knowledgeable about.” That stumped me because the answer is nothing. I like to write about rando things that come to my mind. That’s it. Since I’ve created so many blog accounts and managed only to make a background image and site name I decided that this time I would collect many random writings and not start the page until I had at least 20- and I’d post one of those every other day while writing new ones. That helped eliminate my staring at a newly created blank screen. So if you like reading random things written by a woman whose an expert in nothing then this is the blog for you. Some posts may be funny, others heart-felt. It’s just about whatever strikes me and I write. My hope is that you finish reading a post and walked away from it thinking, amused or maybe even enlightened to another point of view. I make it a policy not to talk politics or religion - that invites anger, chaos and drama - all things I hate. Although the latter can be created in my own mind any given day of the week, I’ll try to keep it away from this blog - keep that business to myself. No one wants drama (unless they’re watching Lifetime movies).